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Registered "Qin" brand, focusing on the researches of decorative study objects, May 2013

“‘Qìn’ depicts the action of dipping objects into water”, the ancients said. The preeminent ancient Chinese dictionary ‘ShuoWen JuiZi’ also references water in its definition of the character 沁(‘qìn’). Therefore, Chinese words that incorporate the character ‘qìn’ are generally used to describe clear shapes, serene images and objects exhibiting mild or gentle characteristics.

Inspired by the character for ‘qìn’, our studio has developed Qin, a new brand of glassware that exploits the brilliance of crystal as a medium to evoke the literati spirit of reflection and tranquility.

Qin crystal implements are tiny, clean and unpretentious, designed for use in the study while practicing calligraphy, for instance, as tea sets, incense holders and receptacles for other small objects.

Every delicately cast Qin piece reveals the sublime properties of crystal and comprises a silent dialogue between objects and humanity. Our studio’s long-term engagement with the material allows the exquisite nature of crystal to reveal itself as a material worthy of reference to serenity and the designation ‘Qìn’.